Westside Fellowship Christian Reformed Church


1021 Woodbine Road
Kingston, ON  K7P 2V9

Westside Fellowship Christian Reformed Church
Pastoral Care
The Bible prescribes, and Jesus Christ portrays, how we are to love and care for one another. In times of joy, we celebrate together. In times of spiritual, emotional or physical need, we bear one another's burdens and encourage one another in our faith.  We listen to one another for understanding, respect one another's opinions, attribute pure motives to one another's words and actions, correct one another in love and forgive and ask forgiveness of one another.  We know that it is God's will that Christian sisters and brothers should live together in harmony. When our Church community becomes fractured, we are all responsible, and must repent of our sin that leads to these rifts. We try, through God working in us, to heal the wounds in our body so that we can truly love and support each other as we have been loved by God. We have a team of Pastoral Care Workers who are responsible for praying for the members of their districts and for responding with care to the joys and concerns of those in their district.
Faith Formation 
The Bible is the authoritative base for our understanding of God's plan for His world and we are regularly involved in Biblically based education programs. Newcomers and long-time members, persons of all ages, are encouraged to participate.  By studying together, we try to understand what it is to live as Christians in the twenty-first century. We all have questions and we welcome sincere questions, but we do know God, and through study, He can draw us closer to Himself.  We also work to equip ourselves so that we are better able to lead others to a personal relationship with Jesus and so that we can promote the cause of Christ in all areas of life.  We welcome Christians and those who do not yet know Him to become a part of an accepting and caring community. We have a Faith Formation team who meet monthly to evaulate and plan discipleship and outreach opportuntiies for our children, youth and adults. 
Westside Fellowship Christian Reformed Church
Is a community of believers brought together in newness of life by God's great love through Jesus Christ.  We acknowledge God the Father as the creator and ruler of the universe, we rejoice that Jesus Christ, His Son, gave his life to redeem the world from sin and, and we strive to live Godly lives empowered by the Holy Spirit living in our hearts.  We embrace the Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God. It is the fully authoritative basis of our doctrine and practice as they are summarized in our Reformed creeds.  Our mission is to share God's love within this community and to obey his great commission of winning our neighbours for Christ, baptizing them and training them in all aspects of Christian truth and life. In doing this we expect to grow in numbers and in spiritual vitality.  Click here to see our visions.
God is the centre of our worship and at His invitation, we meet regularly to hear and respond to His word. In our services, we observe the principles and elements of worship that arise out of our reformed heritage. In hearing God's message of grace in Jesus Christ we receive encouragement, comfort, correction and understanding. In receiving the sacraments, we are strengthened in our faith. In prayer, we draw closer to God and seek His will for our lives. Empowered by the Spirit, we respond in joyful celebration and thankful giving.
In doing those things, our worship services bless the Lord, building up believers young and old, and draw those not yet believing to the Lord. Our unchurched friends and neighbours are warmly invited and welcomed to worship with us.

To assist in giving direction and encouragement for ongoing life of fellowship within the congregation. Special emphasis will be given toward promoting fellowship by creating venues for developing relationships and offering hospitality. The Committee will annually review each of its areas of responsibilities in order to determine the benefits that each one gives to the congregation as a whole, making any recommendations for change to Council. The members of the fellowship team meet a couple of times a year to ensure that the congregants' relationships with one another have every chance to flourish.

Ridder Church Renewal Team
The Ridder Team meets on a regular basis (1-2x per month) to study, learn and grow in their leadership capacity.  They seek to shape their interactions with each other and with the congregation by the core values of authenticity, integrity, courage and love.  They work with council and other teams at the church to transmit their learning.
World Missions
The committee collects information about the needs of missionaries on the field, proactively engages the congregation in caring for and supporting our missionaires both financially and spiritually.  Westside Fellowship members and friends pledge financial support to our missionaries.