Westside Fellowship Christian Reformed Church


1021 Woodbine Road
Kingston, ON  K7P 2V9

Westside Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

Vision 1 (Authentic Community):
As we abide in our authentic relationship with God, we will make Westside Fellowship CRC a
safe and authentic community where we can speak our truths in love, and listen with love
to the truths of others, including those of our surrounding community.

Vision 2 (Deep Discipleship):
With Jesus as our leader, we will follow him more deeply into lives of discipleship (radical
obedience, authentic community, reflective living), inter-generationally and intragenerationally,

Vision 3 (Being the church):
Through receiving God's grace in worship, in fellowship, and in learning with one another,
we will equip our congregation to be the church in their neighbourhoods, workplaces,
volunteer spaces, and third places (important places where you spend a lot of time that
are not home or work: a coffee shop, a gym, the senior centre, sport team gatherings, etc.).

Vision 4 (Practicing Love Together):
With the knowledge that our neighbours in this city will be most drawn to God through our
lives of love and mercy (because they need love and mercy and because God has created
them to love and be merciful), we will begin (or continue!) a church-wide missional project,
which will both connect us to our neighbours and restore a part of God's broken creation

Vision 5 (Shalom Restoration):
In response to God's shalom-restoring work in this world, we will increase in our capacity to
join him in this work-restoring the broken relationships between humanity and creation
and between groups of people divided by systemic sins (racism, sexism, consumerism, etc.).

Westside Fellowship CRC - Our Visions
Painting by Kathryn Vilela